Asus Rog Phone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh

Asus Rog Phone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh: Unveiling the Ultimate Gaming Device

The Asus Rog Phone 7 features a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 6,000mAh battery, with a price in Bangladesh starting at BDT 79,999. With its cutting-edge gaming-centric design and high-refresh-rate AMOLED display, the Asus Rog Phone 7 offers a premium experience for gamers and power users.

Its impressive specifications, including up to 18GB of RAM and a wide range of gaming accessories, make it a top contender in the smartphone market. The Asus Rog Phone 7’s innovative features and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for those seeking high-performance mobile gaming and multitasking capabilities.

We will explore the key features, specifications, and pricing of the Asus Rog Phone 7 in Bangladesh, providing valuable insights for potential buyers.

Design And Build Quality

The Asus ROG Phone 7 boasts a sleek design and top-notch build quality, ensuring a premium user experience. With its durable construction and attention to detail, this gaming smartphone delivers an impressive blend of performance and aesthetics. Priced competitively in Bangladesh, it offers a multitude of features and specifications that cater to gaming enthusiasts.

Design and Build Quality
Aerospace-grade materials
The Asus Rog Phone 7 is crafted with aerospace-grade materials that ensure robustness and longevity. These materials contribute to its lightweight yet sturdy construction, providing an optimal blend of strength and agility.
RGB lighting and aesthetics
Featuring captivating RGB lighting and aesthetics, the Asus Rog Phone 7 offers a visually stunning experience. The dynamic illumination and sleek design make it a standout choice for gaming enthusiasts who prioritize style.
Durability and water resistance
With impressive durability and water resistance, the Asus Rog Phone 7 ensures reliable performance in diverse environments. Its resilient build enables users to embrace adventurous gaming without compromising on protection.

Revolutionary Gaming Performance

The Asus ROG Phone 7 is designed for revolutionary gaming performance. It is powered by an overclocked Snapdragon chipset that delivers exceptional speed and responsiveness. With multiple RAM and storage variants available, users can choose the configuration that best suits their gaming needs. The phone also features the innovative GameCool system enhancements, which help to keep the device cool during prolonged gaming sessions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Additionally, the price in Bangladesh makes it an attractive option for gamers looking for a high-performance smartphone.

Immersive Audiovisual Experience

The Asus Rog Phone 7 offers an immersive audiovisual experience with its AMOLED display featuring a high refresh rate, providing vibrant and smooth visuals for an exceptional gaming and multimedia experience. The AirTrigger technology enhances gameplay by providing customizable touch-sensitive shoulder buttons for precise control and improved gameplay performance. Additionally, the collaboration with leading audiophile brands ensures that the device delivers top-notch audio quality, further enhancing the user’s overall entertainment experience.

Battery Life And Charging Capabilities

Asus Rog Phone 7 comes with a powerful 6000mAh battery capacity, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging. The fast charging technology allows users to quickly replenish the battery, providing convenience for heavy gaming sessions or intensive usage. Additionally, the device is equipped with advanced power management software, optimizing energy consumption and enhancing the overall battery life. The battery care for gamers feature further ensures the longevity of the device’s battery, catering to the specific needs of gaming enthusiasts.

State-of-the-art Software Integration

The Asus Rog Phone 7 comes equipped with Android 12 and ROG UI for a smooth and seamless user experience. The Armory Crate and Game Genie features provide customizable gamer themes to enhance gaming performance. With state-of-the-art software integration, this device offers an unparalleled gaming experience for users in Bangladesh.

Camera Specifications For Content Creators

The Asus Rog Phone 7 comes equipped with impressive camera specifications that cater to the needs of content creators. The rear and front cameras offer high-quality imaging capabilities, allowing creators to capture stunning visuals. Additionally, the device is integrated with built-in streaming and editing software, providing a seamless experience for content production. The slow motion and time-lapse features further enhance the creative potential, enabling users to explore unique visual storytelling. These camera functionalities make the Asus Rog Phone 7 an ideal choice for content creators seeking a powerful and versatile device for their creative endeavors.

Connectivity And Accessories

Asus Rog Phone 7 is packed with advanced connectivity options, offering 5G support for high-speed data transfer and low-latency gaming experiences. In addition, it features the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, ensuring seamless connectivity in crowded network environments. Moreover, the device comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities for wireless audio and device pairing. The phone also boasts a wide range of compatible gaming accessories, enhancing the gaming experience by providing additional control and functionality. Furthermore, users can personalize their gaming setup with case and cooler attachments, ensuring optimal performance during intensive gaming sessions.

Asus Rog Phone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh: Unveiling the Ultimate Gaming Device


Essential Sensors And Security

Essential Sensors and Security

The Asus Rog Phone 7 comes equipped with advanced fingerprint and face recognition technology, ensuring seamless and secure access to your device. The inclusion of a gyroscope and accelerometer enhances the gaming experience, providing precise motion tracking and immersive gameplay.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with robust network and data protection features, safeguarding your personal information and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Asus Rog Phone 7 Price Point In Bangladesh

Asus Rog Phone 7 is available in Bangladesh with an impressive range of features, specifications, and an attractive price point. The starting price of the phone is competitive, with options for different variants to cater to diverse user preferences. The new model stands out in comparison to the previous versions, offering enhanced performance, display, and gaming capabilities. Additionally, customers can benefit from flexible payment plans and attractive warranty offers, making it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

After-sales Support And Service

The Asus Rog Phone 7 comes with comprehensive warranty and repair services. In case of any issues, customers can avail of dedicated customer support channels for assistance. The brand also focuses on active community and fan engagement, allowing users to connect, share experiences, and provide feedback for ongoing support and improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions For Asus Rog Phone 7 Features, Specification And Price In Bangladesh

What Are The Key Features Of Asus Rog Phone 7?

The Asus Rog Phone 7 features a powerful Snapdragon processor, stunning AMOLED display, advanced cooling system, and a high-refresh-rate screen, making it ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

What Are The Specifications Of Asus Rog Phone 7?

The Asus Rog Phone 7 boasts a 6. 78-inch display, up to 18GB RAM, up to 512GB storage, a 6000mAh battery, and a cutting-edge camera setup, providing a superior gaming and multimedia experience.

What Is The Price Of Asus Rog Phone 7 In Bangladesh?

The price of Asus Rog Phone 7 in Bangladesh varies based on the configuration but generally falls within a competitive range, offering exceptional value for its top-notch gaming features and specifications.


The Asus Rog Phone 7 offers an impressive array of features and specifications that make it a standout choice for gamers in Bangladesh. With its powerful performance, advanced gaming capabilities, and competitive pricing, this smartphone is sure to appeal to the gaming community.

Stay tuned for the official release and seize the opportunity to level up your gaming experience with the Asus Rog Phone 7.

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