Iphone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh

iPhone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh

The iPhone 7 features a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A10 Fusion chip, and 12MP camera, and it is available in Bangladesh at a starting price of BDT 31,499 for the 32GB variant. The iPhone 7, known for its performance and camera capabilities, offers a compact design and powerful hardware.

With its sleek body and advanced features, it continues to be a popular choice for users in Bangladesh. The device’s impressive specifications make it suitable for various tasks, and its reasonable pricing provides an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and efficient smartphone.

Whether for work, entertainment, or communication, the iPhone 7 caters to diverse user needs, promising a seamless and enjoyable mobile experience.

Unveiling Iphone 7 Features In Bangladesh

The iPhone 7 brings a range of new features and specifications to the Bangladeshi market. With a focus on enhancing user experience, the highlighted phone’s key specifications include a high-quality camera, long-lasting battery, and more. The processor performance is a standout feature, offering both speed and efficiency. Additionally, the design evolution showcases pleasing aesthetics and a durable build, catering to the demands of modern smartphone users. The innovative features and the competitive price point make the iPhone 7 a desirable option for tech enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Iphone 7 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh  : Unveiling the Latest Details

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Iphone 7 Technical Specifications

The iPhone 7 comes with a powerful chipset and impressive processing power which ensures smooth performance and efficient multitasking. The phone boasts a high-quality display with excellent resolution, offering a visually stunning experience for users. When it comes to storage options, customers in Bangladesh have the flexibility to choose the capacity that best suits their needs, whether it’s the 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB variant.

Exclusive Features Of Iphone 7

Iphone 7 comes with water and dust resistance, giving users peace of mind when using their device in various environments. The advanced camera capabilities of the Iphone 7 provide stunning photos and videos, making it a top choice for photography enthusiasts. The improved home button represents a tactile revolution, offering a more responsive and customizable user experience. When it comes to pricing in Bangladesh, the Iphone 7 offers great value for its features and specifications.

Iphone 7 Connectivity And Accessories

The Iphone 7 offers various connectivity options including LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These features ensure that users can stay connected and access the internet seamlessly. In addition, the phone also accepts a range of accessories, such as protective cases and headphones, which enhance the overall user experience.

Ios And Application Ecosystem

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The iPhone 7 features a powerful iOS software experience. With its smooth and intuitive user interface, iOS provides a seamless and enjoyable software experience for users. Moreover, the App Store offers a diverse range of applications, catering to a wide variety of user preferences and needs. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, the App Store has it all. The iOS ecosystem ensures a rich and vibrant selection of apps for iPhone 7 users, enhancing their overall smartphone experience.

User Experience And Performance

The iPhone 7 offers a rich user experience and impressive performance. The device excels in real-world performance, handling demanding gaming and multitasking with ease. The battery life is commendable, complemented by efficient charging technology. The device’s capacity to deliver consistent performance over extended periods makes it a compelling choice for users in Bangladesh.

Price Insights For Iphone 7 In Bangladesh

The iPhone 7 is a popular choice among tech enthusiasts in Bangladesh due to its impressive features and reliable performance. The price bracket for the iPhone 7 in Bangladesh falls within a competitive range, allowing consumers to explore various options based on their budget and preferences. When comparing the market rates, it’s evident that the iPhone 7 offers a blend of premium quality and affordability. The cost-effectiveness of this device makes it a compelling option for individuals seeking a high-end smartphone without breaking the bank. Considering the remarkable specifications and the value it offers, the iPhone 7 proves to be a worthy investment for those in search of a dependable mobile device.

After-sales Support And Warranty

When it comes to after-sales support for the iPhone 7 in Bangladesh, the official warranty coverage is an important consideration. Apple offers official warranty coverage for the iPhone 7 in Bangladesh, providing customers with assurance and support for their devices. Additionally, the availability of local service centers and support plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth after-sales experience for iPhone 7 users in Bangladesh. Customers can benefit from convenient access to support services and timely assistance for any issues they may encounter with their devices. Moreover, the presence of local service centers enhances the overall customer experience, making it easier to address any warranty-related concerns or technical issues that may arise with the iPhone 7 in Bangladesh.

How To Purchase The Iphone 7 In Bangladesh

Iphone 7 offers a range of features, including a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A10 Fusion chip, and a 12MP camera. In Bangladesh, interested buyers can purchase the Iphone 7 from authorized retailers or through various online options. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to check the authenticity of the product using the serial number and IMEI. By verifying these details, buyers can ensure they are getting a genuine Iphone 7.

Iphone 7 Competitors In The Market

The iPhone 7 boasts impressive features and specifications, including a high-quality camera, sleek design, and advanced performance. It competes with other smartphones in the market, standing out for its reliability and user-friendly interface. When compared to other offerings, the iPhone 7 holds its own in terms of camera quality, operating system, and brand reputation. Positioned among Apple’s current offerings, the iPhone 7 remains a popular choice for consumers seeking a balanced blend of performance and price in the Bangladesh market.

Future Proofing With Iphone 7

iPhone 7 comes with a range of advanced features and specifications, making it a future-proof investment. The software updates are expected to prolong its lifecycle, ensuring that it remains up-to-date with the latest technology. This not only enhances its performance but also adds value to the device for a longer duration.

The device’s resale value is also promising, making it a worthwhile purchase. With predictions indicating strong future worth, the iPhone 7 proves to be an investment that holds its value over time, offering a compelling reason for potential buyers to consider it as a wise choice.

Final Remarks On Hardware Durability

The iPhone 7 has been designed with a focus on durability, featuring a sturdy build that can withstand wear and tear over time. The long-term build quality and resilience of the device ensure that it can endure daily use and potential accidents. In addition, the screen and body robustness of the iPhone 7 provide added protection against drops and impacts, contributing to its overall durability. With these features, the iPhone 7 offers a reliable and long-lasting hardware solution for users in Bangladesh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Key Features Of The Iphone 7?

The iPhone 7 features a 4. 7-inch Retina HD display, A10 Fusion chip, 12MP rear camera, water and dust resistance, and stereo speakers. It also comes with iOS 13 and upgradable to the latest version.

What Are The Specifications Of The Iphone 7?

The iPhone 7 has 2GB RAM, 32/128/256GB storage options, a 1960mAh battery, and a 7MP front camera. It supports 4G LTE, Touch ID, and comes in various colors like black, jet black, rose gold, and more.

What Is The Current Price Of Iphone 7 In Bangladesh?

The price of the iPhone 7 in Bangladesh varies depending on the storage capacity and condition. However, the starting price for a brand new iPhone 7 is around BDT 25,000 to BDT 35,000, and it may vary in different stores.


The iPhone 7 offers impressive features and specifications at a competitive price in Bangladesh. With its advanced camera, powerful performance, and sleek design, it’s a top choice for tech-savvy consumers. Whether for work or play, the iPhone 7 delivers a seamless user experience, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone in the market for a new smartphone.

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