Nokia 3 2 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh

Nokia 3 2 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh : Unveiling the Ultimate Mobile Experience

The Nokia 3.2 features a 6.26-inch display, 13MP camera, 32GB storage, and 4000mAh battery. It is priced at approximately 11,990 BDT in Bangladesh.

Nokia 3. 2 is a budget-friendly smartphone designed for seamless performance and high-quality features. With its large display, impressive camera, ample storage, and long-lasting battery, it caters to the needs of modern smartphone users. Its sleek design and affordable price make it an attractive option for those looking for a reliable device.

We will delve into the detailed specifications and features of the Nokia 3. 2, as well as its pricing in the Bangladeshi market.

Nokia 3 2 Mobile Experience In Bangladesh

Nokia 3.2 Features and Specifications cater to the preferences of Bangladeshi consumers by offering upgraded functionality and a seamless user experience. The smartphone’s long-lasting battery, expansive display, and efficient performance make it an ideal choice for tech-savvy individuals in the local market. With a focus on user convenience, the device incorporates features that align with the demands of Bangladeshi users. The Nokia 3.2’s competitive pricing in Bangladesh enhances its appeal, offering remarkable value for money in the mobile technology landscape.

Key Nokia 3 2 Specifications

The Nokia 3 2 comes with a sleek and modern design, offering a comfortable grip and premium build quality. The 6.26-inch HD+ display provides clear and vibrant visuals, making it ideal for multimedia consumption. Equipped with a powerful 4000mAh battery, the Nokia 3 2 ensures long-lasting usage with efficient charging capabilities.

Under the hood, the device boasts a power-efficient chipset that delivers smooth performance for day-to-day tasks. Running on a clean and user-friendly interface, the Nokia 3 2 offers a seamless software experience, enhancing overall usability.

Nokia 3 2 Camera And Multimedia

Discover the Nokia 3. 2 with its impressive camera and multimedia features. The phone boasts a high-quality camera for capturing vivid photos and a multimedia system for immersive entertainment experiences. Get to know the Nokia 3. 2, its specifications, and competitive pricing available in Bangladesh.

Rear and Front Camera Quality: The Nokia 3.2 boasts a 13 MP rear camera with f/2.2 aperture, capturing detailed and vibrant images. On the front, it features a 5 MP selfie camera with f/2.2 aperture, enabling stunning self-portraits.
Video Recording and Playback: With its 1080p video recording capability, the Nokia 3.2 allows users to capture precious moments in high-definition. Additionally, the device provides seamless video playback, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.
Music and Audio Functions: The device comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack and encompassing audio features, delivering an exceptional listening experience. Whether it’s enjoying music, podcasts, or videos, the Nokia 3.2 offers impressive audio functionality.

Connectivity And Sensors

The Nokia 3.2 comes with network compatibility for various providers in Bangladesh, ensuring seamless connectivity. It supports both wireless and wired connections, allowing users to stay connected in diverse environments. The smartphone is equipped with a range of built-in sensor technologies that enhance user experience and functionality, making it a reliable and versatile device for users in Bangladesh.

Nokia 3 2 Features Exclusive To Bangladesh

The Nokia 3 2 caters to the Bangladesh market with specific features and specifications. It offers language and regional support, ensuring an inclusive and personalized user experience. Localized services and apps further enhance the device’s functionality, providing users with access to tailored content and services. The price in Bangladesh reflects the value proposition of the phone, making it an attractive option for consumers seeking a budget-friendly yet feature-rich device.

Nokia 3 2 Features, Specification And Price in Bangladesh  : Unveiling the Ultimate Mobile Experience


Durability And Warranty

The Nokia 3.2 is engineered using high-quality materials to ensure superior durability. It is designed to meet rigorous durability standards to withstand everyday wear and tear, providing long-lasting performance. Additionally, Nokia offers a comprehensive warranty for the Nokia 3.2, ensuring peace of mind for consumers. The warranty and repair services provided in Bangladesh further enhance the overall customer experience, offering prompt and reliable support for any potential issues.

Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy for the Nokia 3. 2 in Bangladesh has been carefully designed to offer a competitive edge in the market. With its impressive features and specifications, the Nokia 3. 2 provides great value for money, making it an attractive option for consumers seeking a reliable and affordable smartphone in Bangladesh.

Pricing Strategy: The Nokia 3.2 offers a competitive pricing strategy in Bangladesh, making it an attractive option for consumers looking for a budget-friendly smartphone. Its features and specifications are well-aligned with its price point, offering great value for money compared to similar models in the market.
Comparison with Similar Models: When compared to other smartphones in the same price range, the Nokia 3.2 stands out with its impressive battery life, large display, and reliable performance. It competes favorably with its counterparts in terms of camera quality, software updates, and build quality, making it a compelling choice for buyers seeking a dependable device within this segment.
Availability and Retail Options: The Nokia 3.2 is widely available across various retail outlets and online platforms in Bangladesh. With its accessibility and affordability, potential buyers have multiple options for purchasing the device, ensuring convenience and flexibility in their shopping experience.

Nokia 3 2 Accessories And Add-ons

The Nokia 3 2 is a popular smartphone in Bangladesh, and there are several accessories and add-ons available to enhance its functionality and protection. Protective cases play a crucial role in safeguarding the device from accidental drops and scratches. Screen protectors are essential for maintaining the display’s clarity and durability. Chargers are indispensable for keeping the phone powered up throughout the day. In addition to these essentials, there are various additional accessory options available, such as wireless headphones, car mounts, and Bluetooth speakers, that can complement the Nokia 3 2 and cater to individual preferences.

User Reviews And Testimonials

User Reviews and Testimonials
Personal Experiences in Bangladesh
Critic Reviews and Ratings

Nokia 3 2 has garnered positive feedback from users in Bangladesh, who have expressed satisfaction with its performance and features. The phone’s long battery life and efficient processor have been highlighted as standout features. Users also praise its durable build and sleek design. Additionally, the phone’s affordable price point has made it a popular choice among consumers in Bangladesh. On the other hand, critic reviews have also been largely favorable, with experts acknowledging the device’s value for money and smooth user experience. Positive ratings have further solidified the phone’s standing as a reliable and functional option in the market.

After-sale Support

When it comes to after-sale support, Nokia prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing an extensive network of service centers and technical support in Bangladesh. The brand ensures that users have convenient access to professional assistance for any device-related concerns.

Moreover, Nokia regularly releases software updates and maintenance to enhance the performance and security of the Nokia 3 2. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that users can experience the latest features and functionalities seamlessly.

Making The Decision

The Nokia 3.2 offers top-notch features at an affordable price. When evaluating price versus features, the smartphone’s long battery life and expansive display stand out. The device also boasts a reliable processor and excellent camera. With a compelling blend of performance and value, the Nokia 3.2 is a strong contender in the market. For those considering where to buy in Bangladesh, exploring reputable retailers and online platforms can help secure the best deal for this impressive smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions For Nokia 3 2 Features, Specification And Price In Bangladesh

What Are The Key Features Of Nokia 3.2?

The Nokia 3. 2 boasts a large 6. 26-inch display, a long-lasting battery, and a dedicated Google Assistant button, providing convenience and efficiency for users.

What Are The Specifications Of Nokia 3.2?

Nokia 3. 2 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 processor, 2/3GB RAM, and 16/32GB internal storage. It runs on Android 9. 0 Pie and comes with a 13MP rear camera.

What Is The Price Of Nokia 3.2 In Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the Nokia 3. 2 is competitively priced, making it an affordable choice for those seeking a reliable smartphone with impressive features.


To sum up, the Nokia 3. 2 offers an impressive combination of features, specifications and affordability in the Bangladeshi market. With its powerful hardware, durable design, and competitive pricing, it stands out as a promising option for consumers. Its long-lasting battery and large display make it a compelling choice for those seeking value and performance in a smartphone.

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